Snacks Making Machine

Low cost :Can use a wide range of raw materials, wheat flour and beans, so the snack making machine is also known as the wheat snack food machine.(wheat snacks food machine).

High profit :You can get high returns. At present, the expanded snack product market is broad .Puffed snacks are gaining popularity among more and more people. You can make a high profit from this business.

Microwave puffing equipment is a new type of atmospheric pressure puffing equipment which uses microwave radiation heating to vaporize the water in the material, thus driving the puffing of food material tissue.Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s doughnut microwave expansion equipment has been well developed, compared with other equipment, can better meet the needs of the major processing plants, is an advanced equipment, worth having!
Animal biscuit production equipment is also called animal biscuit production line. It is the first choice to produce all kinds of tough and crisp biscuits. The equipment is compact in structure and high in automation. All the steps from feeding, three-way pressing, molding, sugar screening, transportation, waste recycling, baking, oil injection, cooling, etc, are automatically completed by mechanical and electrical integration.
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