Twin-Screw Extrusion Machine: make the puffed food delicious and healthy

Puffed food has the characteristics of diversified products, large preservation rate of nutritional components, easy storage, wide applicability of raw materials, high utilization rate and no pollution. Expansion technology is divided into extrusion technology, microwave expansion technology, frying expansion technology, airflow expansion technology, baking expansion technology.

The twin-screw extruder produced by leader microwave equipment company makes full use of the raw and auxiliary materials to produce healthy, nutritious and new puffed food suitable for different populations in the intensive processing of cereal starch, which facilitates the production of food industry.

twin-screw extrusion machine

Advantages of the twin-screw extrusion machine:

1.The side forced feeding technology is adopted in the twin-screw snack extruder, which increases the integrity of the material and greatly increases the output. The position and shape of the feed port also have a great influence on the feed efficiency. Under the same parameters, the feed area increases and the output increases.

2.Twin screw extruder has strong self-cleaning ability. Because the two screw sleeves are intertwined together, the contact part forms a continuous spatial curve with uniform crevice. With the synchronous rotation of the two, the spatial curve moves and forms the self-made effect between the screws. At the same time, the adhesive on the surface of the other thread is cleaned up, so as to ensure the characteristics of the non-residual material.

3.The kneading of the kneading block can stir the material internally. By increasing the number of kneading blocks of twin-screw expander, the kneading times can be increased, and the kneading quality can be improved. With the increase of the internal pressure in the kneading area, the kneading resistance increases, the kneading becomes more intense, and the kneading quality is obviously improved.

4.The thread engagement of the international advanced co-rotating twin-screw machine realizes the equal-clearance engagement, which greatly improves the self-made performance and the processing capacity of the screw, and widens the application field of the screw.

5.Double-screw extrusion machine has strong adaptability. For materials with high viscosity required to be processed at low shear rate, shallow screw type screw can be used;For materials that require operation at high shear rates or high screw speeds to improve the quality of extrudate and increase yield, deep slotted screws are more suitable.

twin-screw extrusion machine

Twin screw extrusion machine is suitable for:

Suitable for twin-screw extrusion equipment with a wide range of raw materials, such as corn, sorghum, rice, wheat and buckwheat and so on. The expanded material, which is then ground into powder, can be used as a mixed powder to improve and improve the sense of cooking. It can also be used as binder of food, tackifier, binder of cast sand, tackifier of weaving and dyeing industry, and raw material of floating bait.

Principle of twin-screw extrusion machine:

The double-screw extrusion machine pushes the material through the screw sleeve, and the kneading block is used for mixing the materials. The efficiency of the material and the quality of the kneading are one of the important indexes to measure the performance of the screw. The principle of the screw sleeve pushing the material in the cylinder is similar to that of the nut twisted on the bolt. Compare the bolt to the screw and the nut to the material. When the bolt is rotated, one condition is that the nut is rotated with the bolt without advancing or retreating; the other case is that the control nut does not rotate, and the rotating bolt will drive the nut to move forward or backward. When the screw is rotated in the barrel, the friction force between the surface of the barrel and the material causes the material to move forward.

Twin-screw extrusion machine is a device with the functions of heating, mixing, crushing, shearing, compression, molding, expansion, drying and so on. In the food industry, twin-screw extrusion machine has become an indispensable machine in the manufacture engineering of raw material recombination and product homogenization. Compared with single screw extrusion machine, twin-screw extrusion machine has been widely used in food industry because of its superior productivity and mixing property.