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Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s twin-screw extruder is an essential invention in the food extruder industry. It can make the material thoroughly mixed evenly through the mouth mold molding. In those bulking methods, we recommend that you use a Leader twin screw extruder.

The twin-screw extruder is widely used in food processing and production. Our twin-screw extruders are becoming more popular among global investors due to their high efficiency, convenient operation, and a high degree of automation.

The leader’s twin-screw extruder is equipped with industry-leading assembly technology and quality. The installation and the debugging process is strictly monitored by professionals so that the equipment has the characteristics of stable operation, high output, and low energy consumption.

Our products, including twin-screw puffing food snack equipment, corn puffing food machine, small snack puffing equipment, and so on, are widely used and recommended in the Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Romania, South Africa, Dominica, South Korea, Ukraine, and other countries.

  Which characteristics make the Leader twin – screw extruder a necessary bulking equipment?

  • 1. Transmission case:The transmission box of twin-screw extruder extrusion equipment draws on Germany’s advanced design scheme, which is devoted to the gear transmission device with hard teeth designed by twin-screw extruder for corn snacks.
  • 2.Box:Choose high-quality thick wall casting, have the function of stable anti-shock, and absorbing noise, using advanced production technology. After sufficient aging treatment, ensure the high accuracy and reliability of the case and long service life.
  • 3.Gear:High quality alloy steel, precision above grade 5, high hardness of tooth surface, and modification of tooth profile and helix. Gear fully meshes under load, ensuring stable and efficient transmission and low noise.
  • 4.Bearing:Use well-known brand, durable, smooth operation.
  • 5. Mechanical seals:The sealing element usually uses a famous brand, the sealing effect is good.
  • 6.Safety coupling :Twin screw extruder for puffing snack food line.All equipped with torque limited safety coupling, when the overload of the machine and equipment safe release, fully protect the transmission box and screw, reduce maintenance time, and reduce shutdown loss. After eliminating the fault, it can be easily reset.
  • 7. Electrical drive components and control elements:The electric driving components and control components of twin-screw food machinery are selected from well-known brands in the industry to ensure the stable operation of the automatic control system for a long time.

As a professional manufacturer and supplies, Leader Microwave Equipment Company can provide several types of the twin-screw extruder. There are more parameters here.

Main motor power [kW]206090160300
The screw diameter[mm]3651627194
Output shaft torque[Nm]14043071012702500
Maximum screw rotation[rpm]600600600600600
output [kg/h]30-7090-220150-360260-650500-1300

The working principle of twin-screw extruder:

From the movement of the basic principle, the twin-screw extruder, the same mesh, and different mesh and non-mesh types are not the same.

1.Double screw extruder with the same engagement
This kind of extruder has low speed and high speed of 2 types. The low-speed extruder has a screw with tight mesh geometry, one of which has a screw edge shape that fits tightly with the other, that is, a conjugate screw shape. The high – speed coaxial extruder has a tightly matched spiral profile. When the clearance between such screws is set very small, the screw has a closed self-cleaning effect. This kind of twin-screw extruder is called compact self-cleaning rotary twin-screw extruder in the same direction.

2.Double screw extruder with different engagement
Dual screw extruder with close involvement and different rotation’s gap between the two screw slots is very small, thus achieving the positive transmission characteristics.

3. Non – mesh twin – screw extruder
The center distance between the two screws of the non-mesh twin-screw extruder exceeds the sum of the two screw radii.

Our machines and equipment have excellent quality, easy to use, and low carbon environmental protection, and our after-sales service is comprehensive, so it is trustworthy. Many investors for you over the years to test, rest assured the order. Before the purchase, we will provide free technical consultation, free debugging, and installation for you when the purchase, after the purchase, will still be time for your questions, when necessary, on-site service. Our tradition of regular return visits is also well received. If you want to buy, please contact us immediately.