Take you to know about Animal Biscuit Making Equipment

Animal biscuits are a kind of typical animal-shaped snacks, which can be used as snacks or add food. They are easy to eat and carry, without additives, delicious and healthy, suitable for all ages.

The primary raw materials of biscuits are wheat flour and then add sugar, oil, egg, dairy, and other auxiliary materials. According to the different formula and production process, sweet biscuits can be divided into tough cookies and crisp wafers.


Animal biscuit production equipment is also called the animal biscuit production line. It is the first choice to produce all kinds of tight and crisp biscuits. The machine is compact in structure and high in automation. All the steps from feeding, three-way pressing, molding, sugar screening, transportation, waste recycling, baking, oil injection, cooling, are automatically completed by mechanical and electrical integration.

Animal biscuit making equipment

Animal biscuit making equipment has advanced technology, with LCD touch panel, PLC control, automatic constant temperature, automatic baking, weighing, automatic fuel injection, cooling, and other functions. The operation is simple and easy to understand. The shell of the whole machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum, durable and easy to clean. The structure is reasonable, and the separating knife has an adjusting device, which can be adjusted to a proper position. The roller’s unique design can overcome the uneven wear of the separating blade, and the change of the flower roller is convenient. The thickness of the biscuit can be adjusted at will, the mechanical transportation speed can be fast or slow, step-less speed regulation, with a series of advanced devices such as full-automatic temperature control, leakage automatic power-off alarm, etc. Heating methods are diversified, including electric power, gas, hot blast stove, etc., for customers to choose at will.

The equipment can be combined according to the user’s site requirements and biscuit technology requirements. It is easy to disassemble and assemble. It can quickly change the mold to produce animal biscuits of different shapes. Other famous biscuits in the market, such as cream biscuits, sandwich biscuits, crackers, soda biscuits, vegetable biscuits, can also be produced by changing the process formula.

Components of equipment

Forming machine: it is a dual-purpose forming machine with roll printing and roll cutting. It has three rolls for continuous surface pressing, automatic forming, automatic waste recycling, frequency conversion, and speed regulation.


Oven: energy saving tunnel furnace 10 meters long, automatic temperature control, adjustable ground height, far-infrared electric heating, group installation.


Fuel injector: frequency control, automatic fuel injection, automatic constant temperature, automatic filtering, oil volume control.


Cooling machine: cooling the biscuit after oil injection, adjustable speed, natural cooling on the mesh belt.



Control cabinet: system main pivot, intelligent temperature control, intelligent scheme.

Technical parameters:

Host ModelLZ245
Power and voltage380V/50HZ
Installed Capacity35KW
Impression roller260×260mm
Baking temperature200-300℃
Working width220mm
Production capacity110Kg/h
Production line length22m

Our factory can provide hundreds of biscuit molds and dozens of technological formulas for customers and produce animal biscuits of different shapes and tastes. If you want to buy an animal biscuit making equipment, it will be a great choice!