Sudan Crispy/Toughness/Sandwich Cookie Production Line.

The two-month e-mail communication we received from Sudan, one of the largest traders in Sudan, the visit, mainly to look at the biscuit production line/ biscuit production machine/ biscuit machine. Biscuits are very popular in Sudan, and our biscuit machines are popular on the market.

biscuit machine biscuit machine

The customer’s schedule is very tight and can only stay here for 4 hours. To make this visit, we have elaborately arranged for the customer to visit. Receive and display the machine work and the engineer to talk with the boss. Reception—Show machine work—talk to engineers—talk to the boss. Through a series of exchanges, customers are delighted with this visit, the reaction mainly revolves around the following points:

A.Production process of biscuits

Knead dough-expression roll-baking-oil spout-cooling-packaging

B.Raw materials of biscuits

Biscuits are made of a variety of ingredients, flour, cornflour, wheat flour, rice flour, and a variety of grain flour. It can be added to cocoa powder, milk powder, egg yolk powder, vegetable, and fruit powder, nut powder, and so on to make a variety of flavors of biscuits.

C.Introduction of biscuit machinery

biscuit machine

The biscuit production line includes 1 dough making machine, 1 molding machine head, 1 oven, 1 cooling line distribution box, 2 devices with molds.

According to the needs of different customers, the output can be classified as follows.

Host ModelLD225LD400LD600
Power and voltage380V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ
Installed Capacity28.5KW110KW220kw(gast type25kw)
Impression rollerΦ205×205mm85kw160kw(gas consumption25-30kg/h)
Baking temperature200-300℃200-300℃200-300℃
Production capacity50~60Kg/h150200Kg/h300-500kg/h
Production line length21000mm43000cm60000mm

D.Type of biscuits(More cookie molds can contact the customer service )

By changing molds and raw materials, we can produce popular middle and high-grade biscuits in the market, such as cream biscuits, sandwich biscuits, low sugar biscuits, millet biscuits, pastry biscuits, toughness biscuits, soda cracker, chocolate biscuits, biscuits in the shape of an animal, vegetable biscuits, letter biscuits, fruit biscuits, Oreo biscuits, cereals biscuits, sugar-free biscuits and so on.

We can also customize biscuit mold patterns for customers according to customers’ requirements.

biscuit machine biscuit machine biscuit machine biscuit machine

biscuit machine

D.Operation of biscuit machinery,installation and debugging of biscuit machinery,after-sale service

Customers are worried that our biscuit machine is not easy to operate, which is also a problem that most customers are concerned about. We demonstrate the operation of customer machinery with practical action, which dispels customers’ concerns. Only one technical employee needs to be trained, and 2-3 ordinary workers can complete the operation of the whole line and carry out average production. Simple and easy to operate.

More importantly, we will send a reliable and experienced engineer to the customer factory to debug machinery, train workers, according to customer requirements to make biscuit products and other services.

Maintenance period

We offer a 12-month warranty period and lifetime maintenance. The maintenance service is provided free of charge during the period due to the failure of the machine itself. After more than one year warranty period, we also actively offer maintenance plans and suggestions, and if necessary, we can also send engineers to customer’s factories for maintenance!