Snack Processing Machine:Let you be a gentle foodie

Puffed food is a new type of food. Expanding food mainly refers to breaking corn, rice, or other grain raw materials into particles of a specific size, then puffing various shapes of food through the puffing machine, and finally seasoning it. This is puffed food.

twin-screw snack processing machinery

Advantages of twin-screw snack processing machinery:

1. The snack processing equipment produced by a leader microwave equipment company can be adapted to the processing of raw materials with high viscosity, low viscosity, high-fat content, high moisture, or viscosity.

2. Snack processing machinery has fewer restrictions on the particle size of raw materials. Can adapt to the particle size is very wide or from the fine powder to the coarse powder particle raw material processing.

3. The material flow is more uniform in the barrel, steam, water, and other auxiliary processing processes are added to obtain a more accurate ratio, and the actual demand effect is achieved.

4. The inner and outer quality of the product is better. Snack treatment machinery can make the material reach a perfectly homogeneous state, and the molecular structure arrangement is uniform, the surface is smooth, and the particle uniformity is high.

5. The effect of ripening and homogenization is better. Usually, the ripening degree of starch can reach more than 95%, so that the materials processed by leisure food processing machinery can remain stable. The nutritional composition of the product is not lost, and it is easy to digest and absorb.

6. The output is higher under the same power. The excellent mixing performance makes the heat obtained by the material homogenize in time, accelerates the maturity of the material, reduces the fluctuation of material temperature, and increases the output.

7. Product diversity and adaptability are more extensive. Expanded food processing machinery can process particulate aquatic feed, high adhesion products, and multi-color, sandwiches, unique shape products.

8. The process operation is more convenient and can adjust the spindle speed according to the demand. Due to the characteristics of self-cleaning, cleaning is effortless, there is no need to disassemble and assemble equipment after each processing.

9.he wear of vulnerable parts is lighter. Snack processing machinery makes the wear of the material to the screw and cylinder inner sleeve smaller than that of the single screw. Although there is one set more than the screw, the cost of accessories is still lower than that of the single screw.

10. The cost of production is lower. Because the twin-screw model has excellent operation stability. The final production cost is still much lower than the single screw because of its excellent operation stability, less starting cost, less water and gas waste, less working hours, high heat transfer efficiency, high yield, high kilowatt output index, and low spare parts cost.

twin-screw snack processing machinery

The principle of snack processing machinery:

After entering the screwdriver, the raw material passes through the feeding area of the screw, and then reaches the compression zone of the screw. The thread in the compression zone becomes shallow gradually, so the raw material is compressed. The compressed raw materials were pinched and cut through the mixing zone of the screw, and the friction compression heat occurred.

Under high temperature and high pressure, the material is driven by the screw, which is instantly sprayed into the atmosphere from several small nozzles connected to the die head at the end of the screwdriver. So that the water contained in the raw material evaporates and expands violently because of the pressure difference, thus forming countless pores in the viscous raw materials.

twin-screw snack processing machinery

With further research, the more advanced double screw extruder and other snack processing machines can produce more consistent and more diversified products, large production, and specialized snack processing machines will generate more economic benefits.