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Snack extruder is a machine used for making a puffed snack. Leisure food is gradually upgraded to become the daily essential consumer goods of people. With the development of the economy and the improvement of consumption level, consumers’ demand for the quantity and quality of leisure food is growing. There are many kinds of raw materials for making puffed snacks, such as cereals, potatoes, meat, poultry, fish, etc.

Our Leader food equipment company is one of the professional leisure food suppliers. It can produce a variety of puffed snacks. Our snack extruder has the following advantages:

  • 1.Advanced technology, high quality.
  • 2.High production efficiency and favorable price.
  • 3.Long service life.
  • 4.Diversification of food production.

snack extruder

  Model and product specification:

type \ nameDL56-IIIDL65-IIDL70-IIDL85-IIDL32-II
full titleTwin screw snack extruder
wire itemThree line four item(2 live wire 1 null wire 1baseline)
operationPress the knob manuallyPress the knob manuallyPress the knob manuallyPress the knob manuallylcd touch-sensitive screen
supply voltage380V/50HZ(Other supply voltage can be customized)
installed power35KW46KW46KW90KW10KW
power consumption25KW30KW30KW55KW7KW
production capacity120-150Kg/h150-180Kg/h200-260Kg/h300-500Kg/h10-15Kg/h
stainless steel thickness1.2mm
the screw material38CrMoAL/38
the screw length1050mm1520mm1520mm1563mmmm
the screw diameter65mm65mm70mm85mm30mm
motor power22kw30kw30kw55kw5.5kw
heating power2*5kw 10kw10kw12kw16kwkw
feeding power0.75KW0.75KW0.75KW1.5kwkw
rotary cutting power0.75KW0.75KW0.75KW1.5kwkw
oil pump power0.37kw0.12kw
water circulationcan be customizedstandard configuration
This machine is composed of a feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, driving system, and control system. The machine adopting advanced screw extruding technology, using high temperature and high pressure, the material is matured and puffed into shape, which is completed at one time. The main machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to ensure the stability of the production process. Our products have various colors and varieties, beautiful appearance, natural, realistic and exquisite texture, and extensive use of raw materials.

Snack extruder details picture

  How to develop puffed snack business?

In the early stages of a puffed snack manufacturing company, most investors don’t know how to run the puffed snack business. Here, our leader microwave equipment company is looking forward to giving you some useful ideas.

First, you should investigate the amount of puffed snack consumption. When you find that the market is less competitive, you can invest in the business without hesitation. If you find that many companies are engaged in puffed snacks, you can also choose to buy puffed snacks, puffed machines, or other machines from our factory.

Second, you should know the investment cost of the biscuit making machinery. Different types of machines have different prices, and you should know them clearly. You can then choose a suitable device for your funds. If you don’t have enough money, you can also invest in small machines. Investing in small tools can also give you significant benefits.

Third, find collaborators. You need to find someone who can supply you with a lot of material of puffed snacks. If you have a puffed snack sales business plan, you should seek loyal raw material channels and distribution channels. More distribution channels can bring you a lot of benefits.

A perfect service can bring you great convenience in our factory. We can provide for customers:installation, worker training, maintenance, and 24-hour service hotline. When you buy our snack extruder or snack food processing line extruder, if you have any questions, please contact us, and we will try our best to solve the problem.

Our Leader Machinery, snack production line, is of high quality and competitive prices and worth buying. If you want to invest in this industry, please purchase a set of our machines immediately. We will never let you down. At the same time, you are willing to cooperate with us.