Snack Extrusion Machine

With the continuous enhancement of people’s awareness of health and health care, the demand for nutrition is also constantly emerging. The snack extrusion machine produced by Leader microwave equipment company can deeply process grain, beans, potatoes, and other agricultural products, and add plant composite powder needed by human beings to ordinary starch raw materials. On the one hand, it can significantly increase the content of nutrients in food while also improving the physical and chemical properties and physiological functions of the products, storage performance, and food flavor.

snack extrusion machine

The characteristics of the snack extruder:

1. The extrusion and expansion belong to the food texture adjustment technology. The snack extrusion machine can change the nutrient content of the carbohydrate, the protein, and the amino acid, the fat, and the vitamin in the food raw material to meet the different needs of people for nutrition.

2. China is rich in land and grain resources, and there are many kinds of grain resources. The composite powder prepared by different plant raw materials will make people have more selectivity to puffed food.

3. The natural protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral, and dietary fiber in the plant composite powder processed by snack expansion machines are by the reasonable proportion of human intake and have high utilization value.

4. The snack extrusion device has a wide variety of products. The process is simple, the production efficiency is high, the product quality is good, and the puffed food with various flavors can be produced by using the low-price crude raw materials. The process has the advantages of low cost, high yield, and no “three wastes”-free whole process automation and continuous production effect.

snack extrusion machine

Characteristics of single-screw snack extrusion machine:

The structure of a single screw extrusion machine is relatively simple, and the price is low. Its disadvantage is that the scope of application is limited, mainly used for materials with high starch content. There are still some difficulties in the production of materials with high moisture and high oil content.

The twin-screw extrusion bulking machine has many advantages. Even if the material with high water content and high oil content are not comfortable to generate a reverse flow, higher pressure, and a higher temperature extrusion process can be performed. Therefore, the double-screw extrusion bulking machine has the advantages of excellent performance, wide application range, high efficiency, and excellent product quality. It is widely applied to the fields of food, feed, grease industry, fermentation industry and grain processing, and the like.

snack extrusion machine

Operating principle of snack extrusion machine:

The snack extruder comminuted, mixed, and humidified the materials contains starch and grease. Then entered the extrusion sleeve through the feeding device. The thrust effect of the relative rotation of the screw and the cylinder wall in the extruder sleeve was pushed forward. Through the material calender effect and the high temperature and high pressure produced by heating, the material was mixed, cut, mixed, melted, sterilized, and ripened in the extrusion sleeve. The heat and weight are rapidly increased. Suddenly released to normal pressure, the shape, the internal structure, and the property of the material are changed and quickly expanded. Finally, the puffed food is made through the end-formed spray head.

The die holes of different shapes of snack extrusion machine can produce products of various forms. Among them, a series of physical and chemical changes generate under high temperature and high pressure. Such as gelatinization of starch and denaturation of the protein. It destroys harmful factors in some raw materials, kill a large number of bacteria and microorganisms, and even those enzymes that may cause deterioration of materials during storage are treated by this high temperature and high-pressure action and expansion process. It will also lose activity, making processed food easier to store and maintain quality.

With the development of society, fast food has occupied a large market. Expanded products are suitable for both old and young. Some composite powder puffed food also has health care function, so snack extrusion machine, leisure food making machine has a broad development prospect.