Indian sandwich Rice Cracker and Puffed Snack Production Line

Today, the Mr.Heke of India suddenly sent me a greeting message and feedback:


Mr.Heke: Cindy, I need the machinery working more than 24 hours one day, haha,

Cindy: Why? Our machine can be working for the last 24 hours one day.

But it’s better to make it have a rest…

Mr.Heke: This core filling snack sold very well at our market. My production quantity can not reach the market’s needs. We are considering buying another line this year.

We are delighted to hear the news! I can’t help thinking of the story before Mr.Heke.

Mr.Heke’s factory is one of India’s largest food processing plants, which runs snacks such as candy, cookies, chocolate, etc. In 2018, he found us on our website in the of our website. After a series of mail communication, Mr.Heke visited our factory in July 2018:

Puffed snack

Indian Customer’s Visit

Puffed snack Puffed snack Puffed snack Puffed snack

This snack is often called sandwich rice fruit (core filling snack) brown rice roll, chocolate pillow, Taiwan brown rice roll and so on deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad, the sandwich part is sweet and delicious, the puffed part outside is crispy, and the taste is lovely!

We made the following detailed introduction to Mr.Heke:

Sandwich rice fruit production line / puffed food production line usually uses corn flour, rice flour, wheat flour, starch, purple potato flour, cassava flour, and other cereal powder to produce stars, flowers, wheels, doughnuts, fingers, corncob, strip, and other expanded snacks by extrusion.

Leader’s sandwich rice fruit production line / expanded snack production line has been sold to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, South America, Senegal, Egypt, Angola, Japan, South Korea and more than 50 countries and regions, has been well received by customers!

Puffed snack

The process of making the sandwich rice-fruit product:

Powder mixer-spiral lifting-expansion twin-screw expander-sandwich machine-multifunctional shaping and cutting machine-PVC hoist-multi-layer mesh belt round trip oven-double drum seasoning

Make puffed snack product flow: (remove sandwich machine, shaping machine can be)

Powder mixer-spiral lift-double screw expander-PVC elevator-multi-layer net reciprocating oven-double drum seasoning

Expansion machine series: (different models to meet different production requirements of customers)

Electric power&gas&fuel Multi-layer oven (dimensions can be customized according to customer production requirements)

After listening to our introduction, Mr. Heke bought a 200-250kg/h production line, 70 mainframes, equipped with a 5-story 5-meter gas oven, and two shaper machines (one for chocolate sandwich pillows and one for long sandwich corn cobs). After the customer placed the order, we completed the machine production and delivery within the delivery period, and the machine arrived at the customer factory three months later. When everything was ready, our engineer, Mr. Chen, also arrived at the customer’s factory to be responsible for installation and commissioning and training workers. (master Chen has been to more than 30 homes to debug sandwich rice and fruit production lines, and his field experience is extensive.) After our engineers’ debugging, our customers have produced the ideal products, and they are sold well in the market!

We expect Mr.Heke ‘s food business is booming, and we look forward to more cooperation with him!