Double Screw Snack Food Expansion Equipment

At present, all kinds of puffed food sold on the market are mainly cereals, beans, potatoes, vegetables and other raw materials. Through the processing of double screw snack food puffing equipment, a variety of food with exquisite appearance, rich nutrition, crispy, fragrant and convenient to carry and eat are produced. Therefore, it has formed a large category of food uniquely, and the equipment for producing this kind of puffed food is simple in structure, easy to operate, less in equipment investment and fast in income.

Double screw snack food expanding equipment is also called expanding snack food processing machine, leisure food manufacturing machine and large-scale expanding food machine. It can produce all kinds of expanding food, such as chips, snow cakes, popcorn, chicken with wheat flavor, sandwiched rice nuts, breakfast cereals, etc. Its production threshold is relatively low, but the products are ever-changing. By changing the raw material formula, seasoning formula and forming mold, we can produce expanded foods of various shapes and colors. Therefore, a series of products can be formed with multiple product types and various patterns, which is helpful to improve the production and marketing flexibility, promote the overall sales, seize more sales markets and earn more profits.

What are the reasons for purchasing the double screw snack food expansion equipment?

  1. The feeding, rotary cutting and main driver of the equipment are all frequency conversion and speed regulating operation system, with strong driving force, high expansion rate, more stable operation and more power saving.
  2. The screw is made of alloy material and special processing technology. The hardness of high-speed tool steel screw is HRC ≥ 62, with good heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
  3. Fully automatic lubrication system, reducing energy consumption of mechanical equipment, smooth use of machinery, reducing trouble of maintenance, long service life and cost saving. The motor is directly connected with the distribution box for transmission, with less energy consumption and energy saving.
  4. The feeding system adopts the double helix structure for compulsory feeding, and the feeding is uniform and extensive. The linear bearing tool adjusting system can adjust the tool accurately, safely and conveniently.
  5. Double alloy mechanical screw and double screw with self-cleaning function, no need to stop for cleaning, time-saving and labor-saving, smooth surface and high precision.
  6. Extrusion machine PLC control, touch screen human-machine control operation terminal, clear and intuitive image.
  7. Adopt the automatic heating and circulation cooling control technology, each chamber can adjust the temperature separately, according to the customer’s demand, the steam and electric heating mode can be selected, and the temperature control is accurate.
  8. Imported bearing group is selected, with strong bearing capacity. The barrel is equipped with water injection device, which can better meet the needs of raw materials and quality.
  9. The principle of complete engagement model is selected for the screw. The block type combined screw and the screw core shaft are involute splines. The transmission torque is large and the screw can be installed and disassembled conveniently. The screw can be assembled freely according to the differences of raw materials and products.
  10. Segmented combined screw is applicable to a wide range of raw materials and products.

Double screw snack food expansion equipment

Equipment parameters:

Main engine modelLZ65-ⅢLZ85-Ⅱ
Installed capacity100KW180KW
Power consumption70KW140KW
Production capacity120-150KG/H300-450KG/H

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