Double-Screw Leisure Food Processing Line

The double-screw food extrusion machine is one of the latest food processing machines in recent years. Compared with the traditional single-screw food extrusion machine, the double-screw leisure food processing line’s most significant feature is that it can process food with high water content and high viscosity. In a short time, the twin-screw leisure food processing line completes the process of transportation, compression, crushing, mixing, dehydration or deoiling, heating, expansion, and molding at the same time.

food processing production line

Since the 1980s, advanced twin-screw extruder, also known as extrusion cooking machine, has been widely used in industrially developed countries to produce high-quality stuffing and non-filling expanded food, health food, breakfast grain, fast food, flushing food, functional food and so on. There are hundreds of kinds of them, and the market prospect is extensive.

The principle of double-screw leisure food processing production line:

In the twin-screw food extrusion machine produced by leader microwave equipment company, the right spiral sleeve for transporting raw materials, the left screw sleeve for compression, and the elliptical spiral sleeve for mixing can be loaded and unloaded freely on two parallel screw shafts. The engagement between the screw sleeves mounted on the two screw shafts is of a fully closed type. The inner wall of the outer cylinder is smooth. The gap between the spiral sleeve and the inner wall of the outer cylinder is small so that the raw material which is adhered to the spiral groove on the spiral sleeve is scraped and cleaned forward by the screw of the other spiral sleeve. The mixing effect of the twin-screw snack food processing line is not realized by a single-screw food extrusion machine.

food processing production line

The characteristics of double-screw leisure food processing production line:

1.And the double-screw food extrusion device has a good sterilization effect. In a double-screw food extrusion machine, that shear force between the heating and the increase of the raw material has a bactericidal effect. The rice husk processed by the double-screw food extrusion machine could hardly detect the activity of the enzyme and the number of bacteria, and the acid value remained low for a long time.

2.A double-screw snack was used to make full-fat soybean flour, and the protein dispersion index was high, and all the enzyme activities were eliminated entirely. At the same time, since the double-screw food extrusion machine can uniformly heat the whole soybean in a short time, the peroxidation ratio remains low for a long time even after the high-temperature treatment.

The inactivation of amylase was also demonstrated. When the mixture of flour containing high activity amylase and small malt powder was processed by a double-screw food extrusion machine. When the mixed powder machined by the above method is used for baking bread, the elasticity and freshness of the dough are significantly improved.

3.Because the double-screw food extrusion machine can process high moisture raw materials, processed food has the same taste as the traditional hand-processed food. In recent years, since the protein of the tissue can be directly handled by the soybean, the oil content of the processed food is high, and the taste is also delicious.

The double-screw extrusion machine is a tool to homogenize the composition of materials in a molten state. It has the advantages of high working reliability, strong self-lubrication ability, and less residual materials. In recent years, it has been widely used in food processing. The application of a double-screw food extrusion machine has a broad prospect. At present, the processing line of double-screw leisure food has been widely used in the processing of expanded food, tissue protein, various animal feed, and bait.

We choose extrusion equipment not only to see that the price of the twin-screw extrusion machine is higher than that of a single-screw extrusion machine but also to consider the comprehensive price ratio and the cost per ton of products. With the emergence of large-scale, large output, and particular twin-screw devices, a twin-screw extrusion machine can obtain higher efficiency. They can give full play to the unique advantages of extrusion processing technology, such as wide range of raw materials, high gelatinization degree of starch, loose post-spraying technology, avoiding the loss of thermal sensitive raw materials, preventing environmental pollution, improving nutritional value, reducing production cost and so on.