Donut Microwave Puffing Equipment

Donuts are a popular dessert nowadays, sold in many pastry shops or fast-food restaurants. From children as young as five to people as old as 75, people all love it. In daily life, donuts are mainly served as snacks. Some people also eat donuts as their breakfast staple. It is indeed a delicious food that caters to the taste of the public.

Sweet Buns

There are various kinds of donuts in the market, which are good-looking, crisp, and tender tastes, sweet, and delicious. Microwave puffing equipment is used in the manufacture of donuts. Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s doughnut microwave puffing equipment is the right choice, compared with other devices, which has many advantages.

Advantages of doughnut microwave puffing equipment

  1. The doughnut microwave puffing machine can be heated rapidly and evenly under the direct action of the microwave electromagnetic field without heat conduction. Health, high efficiency, puffing effect is better than the conventional process.
  2. High heating quality, less nutritional damage, donut microwave puffing machine can maximize the color, aroma, taste of food, reduce the destruction of the effective ingredients in food.
  3. It has a bactericidal effect under the dual action of the microwave’s thermal effect and non-thermal effect. Compared with traditional technology, microwave equipment has an excellent production environment without thermal inertia. The product is crisp and refreshing, with a rich fragrance, high swelling rate, and natural color.
  4. Safe, hygienic, and pollution-free, donut microwave puffing equipment has a strong sterilization ability for food. The microwave can be controlled in the metal heating room and waveguide work, so microwave leakage is effectively suppressed, with no radiation hazards and harmful gas emissions, no waste heat, and dust pollution. It doesn’t pollute the food or the environment.

Donut microwave puffing equipment

Working principle of doughnut microwave puffing equipment

Microwave puffing equipment is a new type of atmospheric pressure puffing equipment that uses microwave radiation heating to vaporize the water in the material, thus driving the puffing of food material tissue. Microwave heating speed is fast. The gas (air) temperature inside the raw material rises sharply. Due to the slow mass transfer rate, the heated gas is in a high-pressure state; And there is a tendency to expand under pressure. The material will occur in expansion. The material of high moisture content, moisture evaporates substantially at the beginning of drying, make product surface temperature drops when humidity is lower than 20%. Because the viscosity of material increases, causing the moisture in material interior interstitial and the air is more difficult to discharge and be in high accumulation condition, it can produce a good puffing effect thereby.

schematic diagram

Technical parameters of doughnut microwave puffing equipment

Input powerThree-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Rated input apparent power≤35kVA
Microwave output power27kW(power adjustable)
Microwave frequency2450MHz±50Hz
Height of inlet and outlet50mm
Transmission band width680mm
Transmission speed0.1~5m/min
Dimensions(L×W×H)About 11630×1310
Production efficiencyThe amount of puffed food per hour is 100kg

With the development of microwave technology, a variety of microwave devices have emerged. Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s doughnut microwave puffing equipment; rice wine microwave sterilization equipment; fiberboard microwave drying equipment has been well developed, compared with other machines, can better meet the needs of the primary processing plants, is an advanced equipment, worth having!