Customer visit case

With the end of the Canton Fair Machinery Fair, our new and old customers began to visit our Leader company in order to cooperate deeply. This month we received two customers from South America who made expanded snacks with corn flour, stars, circles, delicate taste and instant entrance.

double-screw puffed snack

double-screw puffed snack  double-screw puffed snack


We focus on the following introduction to the customer according to several issues of concern to the customer.

double-screw puffed snack

1.The production process of double-screw puffed snack:

Mixer—spiral hoist—double-screw expander-air conveyor— (PVC hoist)-oven-seasoning line-cooler-packing machine

2.Plant requirements

The whole line covers a small area, 20 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 3 meters wide, which can be placed and produced. And according to the customer different venues for l-type placement, flexible adjustment, greatly reducing the cost of the customer site!

3.Raw material requirements: twin-screw expansion production line can use corn, rice, wheat, starch, black rice, mung bean, buckwheat and other grain powder as raw materials, raw material fineness is usually required above 60~80mm.

4.Diversification of double-screw expansion line products:

The main characteristics of double-screw expansion snack production line are the diversification of functions. A series of operations, such as changing mold, changing seasoning and so on, can be a variety of expanded snacks with different tastes. (see part of the sample picture below)

double-screw puffed snack   double-screw puffed snack

double-screw puffed snack  double-screw puffed snack

double-screw puffed snack

5. Through adjustment of double-screw expansion production line, pet feed, baby nutritious rice flour, sandwich rice fruit, breakfast grain and other products can also be carried out. Product diversification, never let customers down!

6.We show customers around our accessories warehouse, each accessory is a well-known brand at home and abroad, the quality is guaranteed, control the details, for customers to avoid unnecessary trouble, to save customers time and cost has been our service purpose!

double-screw puffed snack double-screw puffed snack double-screw puffed snack

7.After a series of discussion and trial run, the customer is very satisfied with our machine, very impressed by the serious and professional operation of the factory. The customer has seen 5 companies in Jinan, impressed with us very deeply. The customer promised to return to our company after the end of Shanghai Food Machinery Exhibition, sign the contract and cooperate with the details!

double-screw puffed snack