Characteristics of Industry Cookies Production Line

Industry cookies production line consists of two parts: mold forming system and tray chain conveying system. The production line is driven by speed regulating motor respectively, so the production speed can be adjusted.

The forming system consists of feeding roller, mould roller and rubber roller. The prepared fabric is put into the hopper, extruded through the feeding roller and mold roller feeding to form the biscuit billet, and then transported to the baking sheet through the canvas belt dragged by the rubber roller. The tray chain conveying system is driven by the speed regulating motor, and the spacing of biscuit billet on the flat plate can be decided according to the production needs.

Cookies Production Line

Dominant characteristics of industry cookies production line:

1.Multiple adjustment mechanisms allow users to freely adjust production parameters and produce various biscuits to better adapt to changing consumer demand:①Canvas tensioning adjustment mechanism;②Face cutter left and right side and upper and lower adjustment mechanism;③Canvas dip cleaning and scraping mechanism;④Feed gap adjusting mechanism, etc.

2.Adopt PLC system control, easy to operate, automatic production mode, effectively reduce labor, easy to manage.

3.Biscuit Systems widely used, can shape ball, rod and continuous rod and so on.

4.The machine body is made of stainless steel, which is safe and hygienic and conforms to the food safety standard.

5.The powder sprinkling device prevents the dough from sticking to the conveyor belt, ensures the appearance of the biscuits, and improves the rate of finished products and the overall production efficiency.

6.The safety pin device protects the core components to ensure long service life and stable operation of the equipment.

7.The unique knife shape made of high quality materials makes the cutter stable and free under the condition of long-term and rapid operation. Industry cookies production line solves the problem of heat or jam caused by traditional cutter friction.

8.Splicing assembly line can be easily adapted to various factories. Cookie Production Systems supports customization, and manufacturers provide planning services to help cookie food manufacturers start production activities as soon as possible.

Cookies of all shapes

Relevant parameters of Industry cookies production line

Product categoryCookie and biscuit production lines
Product nameCookie production line/semi-automatic cookie production line/semi-automatic cookie production line/semi-automatic cookies pastry production line
UsageBiscuit processing
ApplicationTea restaurant equipment, cake room equipment, coffee shop equipment, bakery equipment, western restaurant equipment, beverage store equipment, Chinese restaurant equipment, winery equipment, leisure food factory equipment, frozen food factory equipment, fruit and vegetable processing plant equipment, seasoning processing plant equipment,cookie production line/semi-automatic biscuit production line/semi-automatic cookie production line/semi-automatic cookies pastry production line
Dimensions1460*960*(mm)Net weight600(kg)
MarketingNew productProcessing customizedYES
PackagingWooden case or thin filmAfter-sales warranty1 year

Technological process

Ingredients → mix flour → feeding → three-way roller rolling dough slice → roller cutting molding (waste side recycling) → sift sugar (sesame, salt) → automatic transmission baking from cooking → spray oil → cooling → finished product → packaging

Biscuit production

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The selection of Industry cookies production line can improve the product grade, follow the market trend, help investors remain invincible in the fierce competition, establish a good brand image, bring you good economic benefits. Finally, Biscuit & Cookies Production Line is a good project for individuals, organizations, and mining enterprises to develop the tertiary industry.