Customer visit case

With the end of the Canton Fair Machinery Fair, our new and old customers began to visit our Leader company to cooperate sincerely. This month we received two customers from South America who made expanded snacks with cornflour, stars, circles, delicate taste, and instant entrance.     We focus on the following introduction to the customer according to several issues of concern to the customer. 1.The production process of double-screw puffed snack: Mixer—spiral hoist—double-screw expander-air conveyor— (PVC hoist)-oven-seasoning line-cooler-packing machine 2.Plant requirements The whole line covers a small area, 20 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 3 meters wide, which can be placed and … Read more

Sudan Crispy/Toughness/Sandwich Cookie Production Line.

The two-month e-mail communication we received from Sudan, one of the largest traders in Sudan, the visit, mainly to look at the biscuit production line/ biscuit production machine/ biscuit machine. Biscuits are very popular in Sudan, and our biscuit machines are popular on the market. The customer’s schedule is very tight and can only stay here for 4 hours. To make this visit, we have elaborately arranged for the customer to visit. Receive and display the machine work and the engineer to talk with the boss. Reception—Show machine work—talk to engineers—talk to the boss. Through a series of exchanges, customers … Read more

Iraqi customer visit the company

In December 2018, we welcomed two customers from Iraq, and this time they came to our company to purchase fried snack production lines, make chips, bugles, and so on. We have a detailed explanation of this production line according to the customer’s request. 1.Production process and required equipment   1.Mixer 2. Hoist 3. Double-screw mainframe 4. Plastic cutting machine 5. Frying pan (continuous frying pan) 6. Seasoning thread According to the customer’s specific requirements, the frying pan can use a continuous frying pan or flip the frying pan. The output can be configured with double-screw 56,70, or 80 hosts per customer’s … Read more

Indian sandwich Rice Cracker and Puffed Snack Production Line

Today, the Mr.Heke of India suddenly sent me a greeting message and feedback: RE:CORE FILLING SNACK PRODUCTION LINE Mr.Heke: Cindy, I need the machinery working more than 24 hours one day, haha, Cindy: Why? Our machine can be working for the last 24 hours one day. But it’s better to make it have a rest… Mr.Heke: This core filling snack sold very well at our market. My production quantity can not reach the market’s needs. We are considering buying another line this year. We are delighted to hear the news! I can’t help thinking of the story before Mr.Heke. Mr.Heke’s … Read more

Frying Machinery

Nick saw a video of our frying machine through our website to find our company. He is interested in frying tools. Nick wants a continuous frying machine and a dumper frying machine, and we have given him a detailed answer for different frying devices. The continuous frying machine adopts electric, or gas fuel heating form, safe and hygienic. The primary network belt is equipped with an anti-floating net strap, to prevent the product from floating in the frying machine. To ensure the frying effect of the product, the upper cover of the frying device has the function of collecting condensate water, … Read more