Snack Food Extruder

Processing Price List Video Processing PDF Snack extruder is a machine used for making a puffed snack. Leisure food is gradually upgraded to become the daily essential consumer goods of people. With the development of the economy and the improvement of consumption level, consumers’ demand for the quantity and quality of leisure food is growing. There are many kinds of raw materials for making puffed snacks, such as cereals, potatoes, meat, poultry, fish, etc. Our Leader food equipment company is one of the professional leisure food suppliers. It can produce a variety of puffed snacks. Our snack extruder has the … Read more

Double Screw Snack Food Processing Line

Price List Processing Video Processing PDF The twin-screw snack food processing line is used to produce extruded snacks, such as crisps, biscuits, crispy croissants, sandwich pasta, etc. Double screw snack food processor A successful case of leader food equipment company of twin-screw snack food processing line. As a professional manufacturer of the snacks-making machine, we, by the high quality, high capacity, and reasonable price, make the Leader twin-screw leisure food processing line machines exported to all over the world. Such as Egypt, India, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Uganda, Australia, Argentina, Hungary, Mali, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Libya, Syria, etc. If … Read more

Snacks Making Machine

Processing Price List Video Processing PDF Puffed snack is the final product of snack making machine. Our leader microwave equipment company is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of tools. It can provide you with various types of machines. Our company is famous for its excellent quality, advanced technology, competitive price, and perfect after-sales service. Therefore, many customers come to our factory to order our machines. Here, you can learn the detailed machine information, let you trust us as a reliable manufacturer. snack extruder   We according to the customer concerns about a few key issues to the customer to … Read more

Sfogliatelle Products Production Line

Processing Video Processing PDF Our rice pasta with filling production line is used to produce stuffed food products and other puffed food. Sandwich pasta and other snacks, because its taste crisp and sweet, and has a particular nutritional value, is widely loved and welcomed by teenagers. Our leader equipment company has researched and developed a sandwich food production line. We can produce various kinds of puffing products. The snacks making machine and corn puffed food making machine produced by our factory are advanced in technology, superior in quality, reasonable in price, simple in operation, low in energy consumption and long in service … Read more