Biscuit Making Machinery

Processing Video Processing PDF   Biscuit making machinery Biscuit production machine is a set of special machine for the production of biscuits. The raw materials used for making biscuits can be flour, corn flour, wheat flour, rice flour, as well as the mixture of various kinds of grain flour. It can also add cocoa powder, milk powder, egg yolk powder, vegetable and fruit powder, nut powder and so on to make biscuits with various flavors. With the development of social life, biscuits are indispensable in the snack industry. We also need to make different kinds of biscuits to meet people’s needs. … Read more

Twin Screw Puffing Pasta Machine

Processing Video Processing PDF Leader food equipment company’s dough puffing machine is suitable for making puffed food of all shapes.For many years, we have been focusing on making various types of puffed food.Now, we can provide you with high quality, advanced technology, easy to operate, long life machine.At the same time, our food machinery and equipment prices are competitive Microwave vacuum machine in Turkey Puffed food is popular among teenagers, and as a snack before and after meals.With the increasing demand of snack food in our daily life, puffed food with crisp and sweet taste is welcomed by more and … Read more