Take you to know about Animal Biscuit Making Equipment

Animal biscuits are a kind of common animal shaped snacks, which can be used as snacks or add food. They are easy to eat and carry, without additives, delicious and healthy, suitable for all ages. The main raw materials of biscuits are wheat flour, and then add sugar, oil, egg, dairy and other auxiliary materials. According to the different formula and production process, sweet biscuits can be divided into two categories: tough biscuits and crisp biscuits.    Animal biscuit production equipment is also called animal biscuit production line. It is the first choice to produce all kinds of tough and crisp … Read more

Donut Microwave Puffing Equipment

Donuts are a popular dessert nowadays, sold in many pastry shops or fast food restaurants. From children as young as five to people as old as 75, people all love it. In daily life, donuts are mainly served as snacks. Some people also eat donuts as their breakfast staple. It is indeed a delicious food that caters to the taste of the public. Sweet Buns There are various kinds of donuts in the market, which are good-looking, crisp and tender tastes, sweet and delicious. Microwave puffing equipment is used in the manufacture of donuts. Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s doughnut microwave puffing equipment is a good choice, … Read more

Snack Extrusion Machine

With the continuous enhancement of people’s awareness of health and health care, the demand for nutrition is also constantly emerging. The snack extrusion machine produced by Leader microwave equipment company can deeply process grain, beans, potatoes and other agricultural products, and add plant composite powder needed by human beings to ordinary starch raw materials. On the one hand, it can greatly increase the content of nutrients in food, at the same time, it can also improve the physical and chemical properties and physiological functions of the products. Storage performance and food flavor. The characteristics of the snack extruder: 1.The extrusion … Read more

Double-Screw Leisure Food Processing Line

Double-screw food extrusion machine is one of the latest food processing machines in recent years. Compared with the traditional single-screw food extrusion machine, the most significant feature of double-screw leisure food processing line is that it can process food with high water content and high viscosity. In a short period of time, the twin-screw leisure food processing line completes the process of transportation, compression, crushing, mixing, dehydration or deoiling, heating, expansion and molding at the same time. Since the 1980s, advanced twin-screw extruder, also known as extrusion cooking machine, has been widely used in industrial developed countries to produce all kinds … Read more

Twin-Screw Extrusion Machine: make the puffed food delicious and healthy

Puffed food has the characteristics of diversified products, large preservation rate of nutritional components, easy storage, wide applicability of raw materials, high utilization rate and no pollution. Expansion technology is divided into extrusion technology, microwave expansion technology, frying expansion technology, airflow expansion technology, baking expansion technology. The twin-screw extruder produced by leader microwave equipment company makes full use of the raw and auxiliary materials to produce healthy, nutritious and new puffed food suitable for different populations in the intensive processing of cereal starch, which facilitates the production of food industry. Advantages of the twin-screw extrusion machine: 1.The side forced feeding … Read more

Application of Extruding Equipment in Food Field

As a new food processing technology, extrusion technology has developed rapidly in foreign countries. Ward of the United States applied for a patent on food puffing technology as early as 1856, and it was not until the late 1930s that it was first applied to the production of cereal convenience foods. In the process of grain, oil and food processing, extrusion technology, as one of the high and new technologies in modern food engineering, has been paid more and more attention by many food enterprises, especially by the food processing enterprises with cereals and potatoes as the main raw materials. As … Read more

Snack Processing Machine:Let you be a gentle foodie

Puffed food is a new type of food. When it comes to expanded food, it mainly refers to breaking corn, rice or other grain raw materials into particles of a certain size, then expanding various shapes of food through the puffing machine, and finally seasoning it. This is puffed food. Advantages of twin-screw snack processing machinery: 1.The snack processing equipment produced by leader microwave equipment company can be adapted to the processing of raw materials with high viscosity, low viscosity, high fat content, high moisture or viscosity. 2.Snack processing machinery has fewer restrictions on the particle size of raw materials. … Read more

Application of expansion technology in Food

Expansion is a process from one phase to another. The basic principle of expansion process generally refers to the external heating and pressure to expand the structure of the material and change some of its physical and chemical properties, the use of high temperature and high pressure to vaporize the internal moisture sharply, forming a loose and crisp porous structure, thus changing the characteristics of food raw materials. Puffing is also a cooking technology that can turn raw materials into cereal puffed food with both nutrition and taste in a short period of time, and process it into a healthy … Read more