Application of Extruding Equipment in Food Field

As a new food processing technology, extrusion technology has developed rapidly in foreign countries. Ward of the United States applied for a patent on food puffing technology as early as 1856, and it was not until the late 1930s that it was first used to produce cereal convenience foods.

extrusion equipment extrusion equipment extrusion equipment

In the process of grain, oil, and food processing, extrusion technology is one of the high and new technologies in modern food engineering. It has been focused on by many food enterprises, especially food processing enterprises. It uses cereals and potatoes as the primary raw materials. As far as the traditional cereal processing methods are concerned, it is generally necessary to go through crushing, mixing, molding, baking, or frying and other production processes. Each process needs to be equipped with the corresponding equipment, the production line is long, the area is large, the process is complex, and the labor intensity is immense.

When using extrusion equipment technology to process cereal food, only after the raw materials are crushed and mixed, the cooking, enzyme inactivation, sterilization, forming, pre-drying, and other processes can be completed on one extruder. So the process is greatly simplified, the energy consumption is reduced, the whole production process is almost no loss, the manufacturing cost is obviously reduced, and there is no pollution. Therefore, extrusion equipment technology is a multifunctional, high output, high-quality new food processing technology.

Extruded expanded food has many advantages, wide varieties of crispy texture, delicious taste, easy to carry after eating, easy to digest, and absorb. As a kind of leisure food, expanded food is popular and welcomed by consumers, especially young people.

extrusion equipment

Characteristics of expansion and extrusion equipment:

1.Improve practical quality and easy to store

The rough tissue structure of corn and sorghum, which initially contained more cellulose and vitamins, can be expanded and soft by using our leader corn extrusion equipment, and the Maillard reaction produced in the process of expansion increases the color, aroma, and taste of food. Company to improve the sound quality, the snack has a light body, crisp, rich flavor.

2.Improve product quality and reduce harmful substances

The extrusion process of corn extrusion equipment is a typical high temperature, high pressure, and short time process, which makes the material treatment limited, so almost all the nutrients in the raw material are retained in the final product. At the same time, the short-term process of high temperature can still reduce adverse product factors such as harmful enzymes and microorganisms.

3. The applicability of raw materials is broad, and there are many kinds of products.

Many raw materials can process corn extrusion machinery, which can not only profoundly process grain, potato, beans, and other grain. Make coarse grain fine and produce exquisite snacks, but also machining fruits and vegetables, spices, and some animal proteins.

4.High production efficiency and low production cost.

Compared with the traditional cooking method, the processing of products by food extrusion machine technology has a noticeable reduction in time consumption, energy consumption, labor force, occupation of the factory building, and so on.

5.Waste less, no waste

Generally speaking, except for starting and stopping the machine, there is almost no waste discharge in the whole production process, and there is no waste phenomenon.


extrusion equipment

Schematic diagram of extrusion equipment

Development Prospect of Extruding equipment Technology:

One of the purposes of food processing is to make full use of existing food resources and open up new sources of raw materials to develop a variety of popular foods. The emergence of expansion technology can be said to open up a new way to apply cereals, starch, and other raw materials, which we call coarse grains, in the food industry.

Besides, with the development of the food industry, the new technologies’ emergence and the improvement of people’s living standards, extrusion technology. Its equipment is developing in a better direction, combined with other food processing technologies to produce more popular low oil, health care, and natural food.