Application of expansion technology in Food

Expansion is a process from one phase to another. The basic principle of expansion process generally refers to the external heating and pressure to expand the structure of the material and change some of its physical and chemical properties, the use of high temperature and high pressure to vaporize the internal moisture sharply, forming a loose and crisp porous structure, thus changing the characteristics of food raw materials.

Puffing is also a cooking technology that can turn raw materials into cereal puffed food with both nutrition and taste quickly, and process it into a healthy snack, which expands the snack market. The expansion technology has the characteristics of diversified products, high preservation rate of nutritional components, convenient storage, the broad applicability of raw materials, high utilization rate, not to age, simple production equipment, and no pollution.

expanded food equipment    expanded food equipment

Our leader company has developed and manufactured a number of expanded food equipment, their main features are:

1. The model is novel in design, compact in structure and high in production efficiency.

2.Reliable work, rugged and durable, low failure rate, convenient operation, and maintenance.

3. The utility model has the advantages of convenient and straightforward to use, stable transmission, and low noise.

4. The main components are unique alloy materials by heat treatment, long service life, and low feed cost.

5.Dry expansion process, self-heating mode, no need for steam system.

6. Screw design has a powerful self-cleaning function, the screw groove can purify itself when changing formula and product variety, there is no need to stop cleaning. The screw has a strong pumping effect, material contamination, and diffusion effect is strong, propulsion speed is faster, product quality is relatively stable.

7. The screw discharge nozzle adopts modular design, which is convenient to adjust and cheap.

8. It can be equipped with an automatic feeding system feeder for the horizontal conveying screw controlled by the latest switched reluctance speed regulating motor in the world. The other end can be connected with the extruder, which can control the puffing output by adjusting the feed quantity (quantitative feeding) and effectively preventing the material from arching).

9. The cutting system and the independent cutting device are convenient, fast, and variable speed cutting tool head, which can easily adjust the gap between the cutting tool and the template. Prepare different models according to the need, ensure the required material diameter and length, and produce various specifications and shapes.

What is the classification of puffed food?

At present, there are four main types of puffed food in the market. The first category belongs to the puffed snack food with more fat and heavy seasoning. Long-term consumption of this kind of food will affect the appetite of the human body, and it is also easy to cause children to eat partial food or obesity, so children should eat less. The second category is less oil, light taste of the elderly food can be used as weight loss people or the elderly food. The third category is expanded cereals, such as puffed corn, millet, ground into a fine powder, warm water mixed paste food, easy to digest and absorb, especially suitable for the elderly and people with gastrointestinal discomfort. The fourth category is designed for infants and young children to eat nutritionally fortified food, such as rice flour, all belong to expanded food.

expanded food equipment   expanded food equipment

The technology of food expansion equipment makes full use of the characteristics of raw and auxiliary materials in starch, and produces healthy, nutritious and suitable new expanded food for different populations in the intensive processing of cereal starch, and provides essential technical guidance for the production of the food industry in China.